This is the collection of my personal and collaborative ventures.

Let’s connect on linkedin or reach me via stephan.urech at (PGP key).

Light- and videoshow to stage Chor Kultur und Volk

29. – 30. April, 1. Mai 2016, Dreispitzhalle, Basel

ON/OFF – Remixing the Museum für Kommunikation

06.11. – 08.11.2015, Museum für Kommunikation Bern

Nucleus – Lightshow

10.-13.09.2015, Zeit Räume, Biennale für neue Musik und Architektur, Basel

Exhibition app – Graduate show HGK FHNW


Crosscraft – Collaborative crafting by body gesture tracking

2011, DMY International Design Festival, Berlin

Zappel – Mirroring body movement

2011, DMY International Design Festival, Berlin
2011, HGK FHNW Diplomexpo, Basel

Die Reise – Multiplayer caterpillar steered by body movement

2011, Design am Oberreihn, Karlsruhe

tryplex Toolkit – Kinect skeleton tracking for non-programmers

Kinect pointcloud printing

2011, Hyperwerk HGH Openhouse

Cityhunter – Crossmedia citymap

2002-2005, Bern

Wiseguys – Music videos, commercials and interactive media

2000-2004, Wiseguys GMBH, Bern