This is the collection of my personal and collaborative ventures.

tryplex Toolkit – Kinect skeleton tracking for non-programmers


Team: Sebastian Kox, Stephan Urech

Inspired by opensource-communities where the boundary between makers and users blur i started in an experience design based process the research for a DIY kit.

“The kit should – be flexible, allowing to test and apply own ideas and knowledge during the construction process; – inspire and encourage social connections in experience-based learning; – work as individual piece as well as interact in groups with other modules.”

At the same time Microsoft released the kinect controller. Sebastian Kox who was showcasing mindblowing experiments he created with the kinect controller in the kinememe webforum. We invited him to hyperwerk to share his know how. At Hyperwerk we developped with Sebastian Kox the tryplex toolkit, a set of patches for Quartz Composer that makes Kinect skeleton tracking accessible to non-programmers. We published the tryplex toolkit under a opensource licence. Around the tryplex toolkit grew a community of people using and customizing the toolkit for their own projects.

I contributed most my time as student at hyperwerk to the software and community development of the tryplex toolkit. I used the tryplex Toolkit to prototype my BA Thesis Crosscraft: Crosscraft, Zappel and die Reise.